Smashdoodles – El capibara con botas

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El capibara con botas, por Mira Canion

Rubric to create these smashdoodles is linked on the original post for the Capibara’s novel.





El camino, The way, El peregrino

The movie called The way, is one of my ultimate favorite movies. I have watched it at least 15 times. I have read the book by Paulo Coelho and yet, every time I watch the movie I learned something new about myself.

Typically, the topic of El Camino de Santiago de Compostela is one left for a level  3 class because…well, I have no clue. It seems to me that everyone has a personal journey, whether you are 10, 15, 18, or 51. A journey is a personal path and everyone has one. So, in honor of Saint James, here is my lesson plan.

Many thanks to Martina Bex for creating some pretty amazing documents which can be found on her TPT page. I will enhance my lesson plan with two of her brilliant ideas. Gracias amiga.

Below is the link to my lesson plan. Hope it inspires you 🙂




El capibara con botas, por Mira Canion

This is a well written and easy reader for a level 1 student, specifically a Level 1A Spanish student. I have several students that have asked me for an additional reader and so I ordered 14 copies of the novel to be able to share with my students. Several students are doing independent reading, at home. Since I want to make sure they are truly understanding the story, the students will work on a modified version of the Smash Doodle activity, presented by Martina Bex and Elizabeth Detingler. Here is what I want my students to work on :

Students will turn in a Smash Doodle Card stock that will include the following information:

Seesaw submissions:[our digital portfolio]

What is the name of the Capibara in the story?

Where is he from?

Where does he live?

Where is Ecuador?

What is the average temperature like in Ecuador?

Tell me at least three different types of exotic animals that live in the jungle in Ecuador.

What is a capybara; Place of origin; Family tree; Friends and enemies; problem (s), and how the resolutions to his problem. The end product will be a visual as well as a written document that will indirectly ask the student to target verb structures that students are required to know by the end of the level 1A course. See the Google document the students will fill out to guide them in creating their smash doodle. In addition, students will submit 6 short Seesaw video audio recordings in which they will answer several questions that relate to the theme of the story.

capibara con botas


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