Juancho y su bola de golf, por el General Ricardo.

Comic books - RicardoPages 1 and 2 of the comic book

comic books ricardo 2Pages 3 and 4 of the comic book.

comic books ricardo 3Pages 5 and 6 of the comic book.

comic books ricardo 4Pages 7 and 8 of the comic book.

My son Ricardo, who is nine years old,  loves to write and to create stories. He has his own folder labeled: Ricardo’s comic books. He will typically create a minimum of 10 comic books stories in one weekend. Most holidays and birthdays, his wish list includes note pads, pens, gel pens, colored pencils, and all sorts of art related things.

He is also an avid reader and as of late, I have been reading to him in Spanish. He is starting to read to me, with a bit more confidence. Sometimes he will say things like; oh, I get it, this is just like in English. Ahhhhh, gracias mama.

So, this past week he spent 4 of the 5 days at home due to an on and off fever, you know, the annoying kind that is diagnosed as a “virus” but prevents a child from going to school. I asked him what would he like to do other than sit and watch TV and he asked if he could get a new drawing pad. I immediately said, sure, you got it. It then dawned on me, wait a minute, Ricardo can create comic books without the story lines, but he would have to think of the story line in order to create the images. I asked him if he could create a comic book for my class and he excitedly said: Me? Sure!

Well, Ricardo delivered not one but 5 of them. The agreement was that he creates, I color. Typically, his comic books have lots and lots of details and since I am in charge of coloring his illustrations … I asked him to keep the illustrations interesting but simple :-

The pictures you see at the top of this post are part of the comic book called: Juancho y su bola de golf, por el General Ricardo. [Ricardo’s nickname is “the general” – we like to think that he is strong, determined, focused, and yes, a leader :-]

My plan:

Day 1: I will show the comic book, picture by picture, to my students, and we will create a story to go along with the pictures. We will do this orally at first. We will then, write it in class. We will read the story aloud. We will then compare their story line to the original version; Ricardo’s version.

Day 2: I will make 6 copies of the pictures for my class. Each group of students will get one set and create a story, verbally and in written form. Each group will share with the class.

Day 3: I will ask the same groups to create their own illustrations and repeat the process, as if they were the teachers presenting their artwork.

Here is the written version story line that inspired his illustrations:


Comic books - Ricardo

Title page: Juancho y su bola de golf.

Second page:

There is a boy named Juancho. Juancho is an excellent golf player and he practices every single day. One day, he was out at the Monticello Golf course, all by himself, practicing his batting skills. Ricardo does not have a golf cart so he has to carry his golf club and his favorite red golf ball, all over the golf course. His red golf ball was a present from his favorite sisters Minga and Petraca.

comic books ricardo 2

Third page:

Juancho had just hit the golf ball when Jose, the golf ball thief, spotted Juancho’s red golf ball. Juancho’s red golf ball did not make it into the hole. Jose, was “flying” around, suspended from a string that was anchored to an opening from a helicopter flying above where Juancho was practicing his golf skills.

Fourth page:

Jose was able to come all the way down and grab Juancho’s red golf ball. Juancho was mad. Jose is not a good person Juancho is very sad, and mad.

comic books ricardo 3

Page 5:

Juancho had a great idea. He thought of his magical pair of scissors, which is important to note they show up at the right time, every time. Juancho’s idea was to cut the string that was holding Jose tied to the helicopter. His magical scissors, hot pink, blue, and yellow, would cut the string and Jose would fall to the ground, Then,  Juancho would be able to get this red golf ball back. IT was/is an awesome idea.

Page 6:

Juancho’s magical scissors cut the string and bam! Jose falls to the ground. Jajaja

Now, Jose is very mad because his plan did not work. Juancho is happy because he has his red golf ball back. 🙂

comic books ricardo 4

Page 7:

In that moment, a police man comes over and arrests Jose. Juancho smiles because he has his most favorite red golf ball and now, he can continue to practice his batting skills. Jose goes to jail.

Page 8:

Juancho is very happy, not only because he has his red golf ball back, but because there is a huge and beautiful rainbow in the sky.

El fin