Listening assessment – The perfect game

As fate would have it, I was sure I had prepared a great listening assessment only to find out that most of my students failed it. They failed it not because it was too difficult, I mean, I did not think so. They failed it because it was “different” from what they were used to in class.

The original assessment was purely dependent on their listening skills. The modified version, asked the students to listen to me describe the main characters of the movie The perfect game, match their comprehension to a written version, and then select the person or thing that was being described. Needless to say, most students earned a perfect score. I am kind of glad they “failed” my well constructed assessment because it gave me an opportunity to reflect on my point of view and to stay the course in assessing at their level…never higher.

Anyhow, there is the modified version.

_____ Es la persona que escucha los juegos de béisbol en la radio con los chicos.

_____ Es una chica muy hermosa y posiblemente, la novia de César.

_____ Es un equipo profesional de béisbol de las Ligas Mayores.

_____ Es un país donde se habla español.

_____ Es la persona que ayuda a César a organizar el equipo de Los Industriales de Monterrey.

_____ Es el personaje principal de la película y el mejor lanzador.

_____ Es el chico que ama a una chica que se llama Gloria.

_____ Es el chico que conoce a todas las chicas.

_____ Es el entrenador del Equipo de Monterrey.

_____ Es el nombre del equipo de béisbol de los chicos mexicanos.

Students used the same listening assessment in the google docs for the Perfect game, and had this extra visual to help them figure things out.  – On fire –

Happy teaching,

Maestra Reed


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