La palabra secreta

Bryce Hedstrom is a gracious and giving soul. He inspired me to start an FVR program in my classes and has now inspired me to add the “secret word” routine to start my day. You can read all the details about the secret word in his blog but here is a brief summary:

For me, classroom management starts at the door, with me greeting each and every single one of my students at the door. I usually say something like: Hola, Buenos dias, Buenas tardes. Last year, I had a student who wanted to be the greeter and basically emulate what I did. It worked great. However, after reading about the “secret word” on Bryce’s blog, I realized that he was presenting an opportunity for WL teachers to add authentic and useful input that our students can and will use when they visit Spanish speaking countries or even when they meet a native speaker, right here, at home.

So here is a list of some of the phrases that I will teach my students and use to start the day, right at the door:

Update: Alina Filipescu, a Spanish teacher whose blog is started the palabra secreta many years ago. I had no idea. Alina, gracias. Please check out her blog for this and many other wonderful ideas on teaching with comprehensible input. Some of the words/phrases that she used: lo siento, lo que sea, no es justo, mil gracias.



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